How do you become a BulletWalla. Simply register with us here on line and we shall send out your official BulletWallas Club Members card. Next make a purchase from us, have your bike serviced, or use one of our booking services and you are then an official BulletWalla Club Member, Call into one of our official BulletWallas Franchises internationally, nationally or Authorised Service Centres and do some business. The benefit of having official club membership is providing you with discounts and assistance with many of the participating friends and organisations. If you need our help, your membership is the key, as loyalty is to all friends.


Being a BulletWalla is not just about being a customer; it is about being part of something bigger. We are all bike and road freedom lovers, some of us are in the business of providing this service to others, some of us seek to be part of a richer association that has its roots blended in some great heritage and its home base an amazing place to ride.

BulletWallas Club Members will receive a 10% discount from our franchises, authorised service centres and affiliated and participating travel and accommodation establishments. With rebuilding the business we are starting from the very beginning and so our lists of affiliates will continue to grow. Some of the previous affiliates became very unhappy with how BulletWallas treated their premises and their services and did not wish to continue to provide any further services. We look forward to a fresh start and more respectful BulletWallas Club Members showing that we do appreciate what is shared with us. You can help this by finding and recommending great places and great people to us to add for the benefit of all of our members. Recommend our membership programme to businesses and see the benefits grow for all.

As we expand around India and around the world, our friendships and support for each other grow with it. Want to have a ride in Spain, call a BulletWalla to meet with you and ride, want to ride South America, call a BulletWalla and ride, try the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia; we are as BulletWallas everywhere.

BulletWallas Club Members are members of a travellers club, a social club, a fast growing motorcycle enthusiasts club, united round the world for the passion of the bike and the ride.

When you are planning to hit the road, contact us for our list of affiliated and franchised Clubhouses, workshops, service centres, guest houses, hotels and resorts, where being a BulletWalla is your ticket to a freer lifestyle.

Want to know where a clubhouse might be in your travels or want to start a clubhouse, then E-mail us and tell us what is happening, as, if you are looking, others will also be looking to and an opportunity awaits the BulletWalla with enthusiasm.

What we consider a Clubhouse to be, a place where members and friends can meet to discuss their bikes, solve a few problems, get some technical or practical skills. Meet other like minded people, plan a journey, have a drink and listen to stories about far away places. Have a meal, find accommodation, buy some merchandise and accessories, buy, sell or swap your bike. Many great things can start with a Clubhouse.


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