Comming Soon

We hope that our new range of products appeals and the gift or the necessity of your life that you are looking for is found here.

If here is anything that you especially want. anything that you would like personalised, then contact us on our merchandise enquiry form and tell us what takes your fancy and we shall see what we can do. We have an export license and regularly shipping and exporting our Bikes, we can look at shipping and exporting many other products for you.

We can send merchandise through the most efficient (seriously) India Post, by courier, by air or sea cargo as you may request.

At this early stage of our evolution we are taking the slow path into E-Commerce, PayPal and direct bank payments, but with your support this will change and become what it really needs to be.

Look to see what we have available or if you don’t see what you want tell us.

Check out the Clothing page, some interesting stuff there and more to come.

Need some Accessories lots of cool stuff here to choose from.

Essential Bike Bits to use and have on hand just in case.


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