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There is really little point in building a bike to suit a low budget; there are no winners, only losers. Building low priced bikes may be considered a service but when the bike implodes there will only be complaints. Cheap local copies of the original are not designed to last; they are made just for the sale, the profit and not for any other purpose; like actually being any good.

BulletWallas Pvt Ltd will not build a bike using `local' or cheap parts. We will not use second hand engine parts, buffed to look like new. We will use only the best quality parts available to us, Genuine parts, Original Equipment (OE) or Original Equipment Supplied (OES) or best quality after market parts at all times.

If you bring your bike in for servicing and specifically request cheap parts to be used, then that is your choice. If you bring in your own parts and want them fitted, then that is your own choice also. We can supply at times good quality used parts stripped from old bikes, but in all these cases we offer no warranty for such parts or further problems caused by them.

So we build fully reconditioned and restored bikes, all 350cc with 4 speed gearbox, 14.5 litre tanks, or 500cc with 4 speed gearbox also with 14.5 litre fuel tank as standard all to the same mechanical standard and with the same care and attention but in two versions. The 500cc can be as a 500cc conversion or an original 500cc engine.

The market is changing as the demand for certain bikes grows, some bikes are no longer in production, parts are becoming harder to find. In 2007 the Classic 500cc went out of production, this included the manufacturing of heads, cylinders and cylinder kits. The 500 was in production for about 20 years only, very few sold within India as most were exported. We are now finding that with this short supply even Bakwas bikes becoming expensive and finding a 500cc that is both reliable and well priced is near impossible. We know that most of the 500’s out there have been rebuilt before they can be classified as good bikes and this reality is going to make the 500cc become a premium priced bike very soon.

In a very short time, the standard 350cc will be no longer in production, thankfully there are so many still on the road that this resource will not dry up quickly. But when production stops new engine parts production also begin to grind to a holt. Unless other manufactures decide to produce the parts the focus always shifts to the new models and not supporting the existing customers and their bikes.

The reality is that genuine parts will be more and more replaced by local parts, the quality and the reliability will drop but prices for parts will not. We have worked hard to secure on going sources of genuine and top quality OE parts, most of the bike restoration market will only supply non-genuine and local made products. Any 350cc bike that has been restored and said to have recondition work done but offered below Rs 45,000/- has to be viewed with caution. Also be sure of the quality before paying more. A 500cc will be very difficult to find below Rs 50,000/- in good condition and even at this price it would require a good level of work to be done to restore it.

Our Pahar Ganj workshop hours are six days per week
Open Tuesday through to Sunday. Closed Monday.
10.00 am till 1.30 pm Lunch 2.00 pm until 7.30 pm

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